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Organic rice farmers in Thailand’s Klong Yong community find success as entrepreneurs

A case of successful entrepreneur in organic rice community shifted their way of life to produce variety organic products in Klong Yong community of Thailand. The transition initially proved difficult but now the community has grown stronger after becoming not just producers of organic rice but entrepreneurs selling a variety of organic products.

Growing mountains of solid waste in Vietnam pose huge environmental challenge

With Vietnam producing about 15 million tons of waste each year, both the increasing quantity and the changing composition of waste is posing a huge environmental challenge for municipal authorities and local communities in Vietnam. Truong Minh Chien writes about the need for more efficient waste management policies combined with raising public awareness to tackle the serious waste problem.

Rare frog-headed turtle brought back from the brink

A species of giant Mekong turtles was believed to have been extinct until in 2007 when a mother turtle was found. Since then, governmental authorities, a non-governmental organization, local people and even Buddhist monks have joined hands to ensure the survival of the soft-shell, frog-headed turtles. Their number has slowly grown, but humans, natural predators and climate change continue to pose serious threats.