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Pak Mun Dam: 25 years after World Bank’s loan, problems remain

Pak Mun Dam: 25 years after World Bank’s loan, problems remain

In Thailand, communities still suffer impacts of the World Bank’s Pak Mun Dam over 25 years after construction started. Whilst fisheries are decimated, and the communities’ fishing culture largely lost, compensation is inadequate. Yuka Kiguchi asks what are the responsibilities of the World Bank and Government for restitution and redress?

Cambodia’s women fishers concerned about Don Sahong Dam

Women fishers in Kratie Province, Cambodia are concerned about plans for the Don Sahong Dam upstream in Laos. They worry that the river’s fisheries and the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphin will be affected. Working with civil society groups, they have raised their voice through a campaign that has involved both protest and radio shows.

Forced evictions cause misery for Phu Phan mountain farmers, Thailand

Thailand’s military government has undertaken forced evictions of both businesses and villagers found using state lands such as national reserve forests and protected areas without legal land titles. This article looks at ongoing evictions in northeastern Thailand’s Phu Phan mountains, to present farmers’ perspectives on their struggles.

The aspirations of a Shan lady for sustainable peace, justice and development

A personal reflection of the aspirations of a Shan lady, Ms. Nang Shining, who is seeking sustainable peace, justice and development in her hometown of Mong Pan, Southern Shan State, Myanmar. She discusses the impacts of recent logging and plans for the Mong Ton (Tasang) dam, and her work building new civil society organizations.

Map Tha Phut industrial estate in Rayong

Environmental protection begins with protecting human rights

From ensuring access to natural resources to protection against exposure to health-damaging pollution, a clean and healthy environment and the fulfillment of human rights cannot be separated. In this Commons Comment, Carl Middleton and Aadi Samarkand argue that while there is a long way to go to in recognizing the right to a healthy environment in Southeast Asia, some windows of opportunity exist.

People disembarking and leaving the Salween River.

The politics of place naming reaches the Salween River

The debate about the power of naming is long-running and contentious, engaging citizens and colonizers, academics and activists. “South” of China, “East” of India, Southeast Asia is a name that came primarily from people not native to these regions who instead imagined the region through acts of war and nation building.