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Gold mining threatens the health and livelihoods of communities in the Myitsone Region in Myanmar

Gold mining threatens the health and livelihoods of communities in the Myitsone Region in Myanmar

Large-scale gold mining operations have rapidly expanded in the Myitsone area in Myanmar. Toxic pollution from using mercury and cyanide in mining operations threatens the health and livelihoods of the local communities. Local protests are continuing against the mining companies.

Salinity intrusion is leading to freshwater troubles in coastal Vietnam

Salinity intrusion not only impacts farming but also freshwater supply for households. In Rach Gia city in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, urban residents are being affected as saltwater has contaminated ponds and wells, and freshwater supplies are becoming scarce. The poorer residents are bearing the brunt of the freshwater shortages.

The iconic lotus fields of Thap Muoi in the Mekong Delta are shrinking

The lotus fields of Dong Thap province in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta are a famous tourist destination. The lotus fields bloom during the flood season from July to October. But in recent years, the lotus farmers are facing difficulties from a combination of climate change, declining water levels, salinity and falling prices for the lotus seeds.

Rare frog-headed turtle brought back from the brink

A species of giant Mekong turtles was believed to have been extinct until in 2007 when a mother turtle was found. Since then, governmental authorities, a non-governmental organization, local people and even Buddhist monks have joined hands to ensure the survival of the soft-shell, frog-headed turtles. Their number has slowly grown, but humans, natural predators and climate change continue to pose serious threats.

Cambodia’s Prey Lang forest: Youth campaigns to prevent the destruction of this ecological treasure

Known as a national treasure of Cambodia, the Prey Lang forest in Preah Vihear province serves as the main source of livelihoods for indigenous people and is an indispensable part of the country’s forest ecosystem. In the last few years, the forest has come under destruction from logging and large-scale plantations. Youth campaigns are supporting the local communities, who depend on the forest, in an ongoing struggle to protect the forest areas from being completely wiped away.

Amidst the drought, diversifying farming systems can protect food security in Cambodia

Climate change especially drought are threatening the rice production and fishery in Cambodia. Sao Phal Niseiy explains that farmers and fishers can cope through efforts at raising awareness, promoting capacity building and diversified farming systems to ensure food security.

Stemming the rising tide: Flooding and local lives in HCMC

As climate change intensifies, urban citizens in coastal cities of Southeast Asia are facing more regular and more severe flooding. In this article, Quynh May shares some of the daily challenges of people in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam who are struggling to have a normal life while facing flooding. She asks what should be done?