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In Cambodia’s Kampong Cham, young people no longer care about fishing skills

In Cambodia’s Kampong Cham, young people no longer care about fishing skills

Fisheries play an important economic and social role in many parts of Cambodia, contributing to food and nutrition security. But many young people in fishing families no longer want to carry on their families’ traditional way of life.

Massive Sambo Dam will destroy livelihoods and Mekong fisheries, but better energy options exist

If built, the Sambo dam will displace more than 20,000 people, affect livelihoods of many thousands more, and disrupt fish migrations including critical deep pool fish habitats. It is time to rethink hydropower as an energy generation source. Why do we need dams that destroy people’s lives and rivers when there are cleaner and safer renewable energy options for Cambodia?

Facing the reality of hydropower

In recent decades the Mekong region has witnessed a rapid development of large-scale hydropower projects in the name of energy security, economic growth and sustainable development. Yet do these justifications outweigh the social and environmental costs, and are these justifications even genuine?

Vietnam’s Mekong Delta Study misses key impacts from upstream dams

The Mekong Delta Study initiated by Government of Vietnam (2013-2015) aimed to look at the impacts of Mekong mainstream hydropower on Vietnam’s Mekong Delta that is the rice and fruit production centre for Vietnam. But the weak study process ignored local people’s concerns and has failed to protect the Mekong Delta and its communities.

The Mekong region’s urban future: Why learning from a rural lifestyle could build sustainable cities

Urbanization in the Mekong Region is transforming societies that were once dependent upon agricultural production. This article explores how some urban inhabitants have not fully let go of their rural traditions, raising the question can such wisdom bring a more sustainable lifestyle to urban areas?

Silence of the dammed

Inside Lao PDR, the Mekong hydropower projects are presently being built in an atmosphere of fear where local communities cannot express critical opinions, ask questions or request information. This article explores why this repressive atmosphere means we will never really know what these affected local communities think or feel about the many dams being built for so-called “development” and “rural benefit”.

Boat on the Sesan River, Cambodia

High costs of Cambodia’s Lower Sesan 2 hydropower dams

The Lower Sesan 2 hydropower dam in Cambodia will affect tens of thousands of people if built. This article shows how lessons have not been learned from past upstream dam construction in Vietnam, and the project will mainly reap profits for the dam developers, rather that result in “poverty reduction”.