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Special Economic Zone plan for Trat province raises concerns of pollution, loss of coastal livelihoods

A province in eastern Thailand that once housed 100,000 Cambodian refugees during the Vietnam War era is eyed as a “Special Economic Zone” to promote tourism, food production and international trade. But concerns arise as to whether it will come at a cost to residents’ livelihoods and local business opportunities.

Rich past, uncertain futures: Khmu community’s memories of living with the Ou River

The Ou River, the longest tributary of the Mekong in the Lao PDR, is undergoing massive changes, with seven dams in various stages of construction already affecting the livelihoods of Khmu communities that have resided there for generations. Sabrina Gyorvary recently visited the area with a local guide and recounts her conversations with community members as they recollect their memories of living with the Ou River.