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Salinity intrusion is leading to freshwater troubles in coastal Vietnam

Salinity intrusion not only impacts farming but also freshwater supply for households. In Rach Gia city in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, urban residents are being affected as saltwater has contaminated ponds and wells, and freshwater supplies are becoming scarce. The poorer residents are bearing the brunt of the freshwater shortages.

The iconic lotus fields of Thap Muoi in the Mekong Delta are shrinking

The lotus fields of Dong Thap province in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta are a famous tourist destination. The lotus fields bloom during the flood season from July to October. But in recent years, the lotus farmers are facing difficulties from a combination of climate change, declining water levels, salinity and falling prices for the lotus seeds.

Growing mountains of solid waste in Vietnam pose huge environmental challenge

With Vietnam producing about 15 million tons of waste each year, both the increasing quantity and the changing composition of waste is posing a huge environmental challenge for municipal authorities and local communities in Vietnam. Truong Minh Chien writes about the need for more efficient waste management policies combined with raising public awareness to tackle the serious waste problem.

Blackening the Mekong Delta

Up to 14 coal fired-power plants are set to be built in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta as part of Vietnam’s Power Development Plan (PDP). Nguyen Thi Ha looks at how the coal plants already operating in the delta area are affecting the health, salt and fish farms, and local livelihoods of thousands of communities living in the delta.