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A young Singaporean’s journey of self-discovery in Isaan

A young Singaporean’s journey of self-discovery in Isaan

A Singaporean city dweller travels to the Thai countryside to learn more about sustainable food production and local farming knowledge. Sing Yee, a recent university graduate, shares insights from her stay, amidst conversations on farming, food, politics and development with other ASEAN youths and the host community.

Vietnam’s first clean energy commune created through Local Energy Planning

In Vietnam, Local Energy Planning (LEP) has transformed the understanding of community members in Nam Cuong Commune of their energy supply, demand and use. Le Ngoc Son explains the origin of the LEP method and how it is local-led, and proposes that LEP has the potential to be replicated across Vietnam and beyond.

Struggling with riverbank erosion by Nam Theun 2, villagers act themselves

Riverbank erosion along the Xe Bang Fai River in central Laos caused by the Nam Theun 2 hydropower dam creates problems for villagers’ riverbank crops, homes and livelihoods. Without compensation or assistance from the company, and with concern about their future, villagers are starting to plan their own protection strategy.

Dr. Peera Bunjong

Holistic health care in the Mekong region

Ensuring good health and access to health care especially for the poor is a key concern in the Mekong Region. Dr. Peera Bunjong in Thailand explains the need for holistic and preventative health care based on also using herbal medicine. He says a change in behaviour and attitudes can help holistic healthcare to succeed.

Boeung Kak Lake after sand pumping, evictions and no World Bank accountability.

Seeking World Bank accountability on Boeung Kak Lake

The community living around Boeung Kak Lake in Phnom Penh, Cambodia have been fighting eviction by developers who wish to fill up the lake and turn it into a luxury urban development. This article outlines how members of the community took on the powerful World Bank and eventually put a stop to the eviction.